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Andrés Daniel Góngora Cortés was born in 1991 in the city of Buenaventura, Colombia. He studied Plastic Arts at the Instituto Departamental de Bellas Artes in Cali. He created this website to present his undergraduate project, but also as an artistic portfolio, as a platform to share his and other people's works. His interests are multiple, that's why he aims to integrate them through audiovisual creation. Among his thematic interests are the psyche, the oneiric and the mystical.

He has made several independent short films, among them: Persuasion (2020), made with his family one weekend; Anila (2022), with the participation of friends from university; and his project to obtain the bachelor's degree Portraits of an unidentified body (2021) and The dance of life (2021), with the participation of his niece Antonia Camargo. He has also made an animation called Gate 8, starring his nephew Jerónimo Camargo. This animation was selected at the 35 Girona Film Festival (2023).

During his academic process, he attended to different workshops including the Experimental Video workshop with the artists Alexandra Gelis and Jorge Lozano (2018), and the Video Emphasis workshop with the artist Carolina Charry (2019). He also created an artistic collective with his colleagues Alma Brutau and Fatal Victoria.

In 2019 he participated in the video showing titled "La Cámara es un Animal" with a video called Chloe Pages, and in the "Video del Centro Festival" with a video called Mirada Oculta, made in collaboration with Marcela Renza. In October 2021, his undergraduate project was published on the art and culture editorial website "Ésto-no-es-critica". In November of the same year, he participated in the virtual exhibition "Words that are images" with a video entitled Del mundo. And in December 2021, he participated in the exhibition made by Salón Pacífico Media Arts at Museo La Tertulia with the piece Portraits of an unidentified body.

He belongs to the research group CREA, dedicated to the artistic inclusion of people with disabilities and people in vulnerable situations.

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