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Diana Marcela Renza Insuasti was born in 1989 in the city of Cali, Colombia. She studied at Instituto Departamental de Bellas Artes in Cali. Her interests revolve around analog and digital video-performance. She usually works with death, ritual, spirituality, and her own body in a dark setting.

Some of her works are: El Bautizo (2019), video made with an analog camera and night vision. El don (2019), video about the herbalists of Siloé, made with an analog color camera. Ritus (2021), made with a digital camera. Tuve un sueño (2021), made with a cell phone camera. Intimidad (2021), video of family objects made with a cell phone camera. Padre nuestro (2021), made with a digital camera.

She was in an engraving workshop taught at the Roldanillo Museum (2019). In a performance workshop at Bellas Artes with the artist Andrea Aguía (2019). In a watercolor workshop with the artist Miles McMullan (2019). And in the Video Emphasis workshop with the artist Carolina Charry (2021). She has belonged to different research groups such as: Displacement in space leaded by professor Connie Gutiérrez (2019), Stopmotion leaded by professor Jairo Hernán Caicedo (2019), and as a volunteer in the CREA group leaded by professor Ruth Dayana Torrealba (2021), dedicated to working with people with disabilities.

She has participated in several exhibitions: In the video showing called "La Cámara es un Animal" (2019) with the video El Bautizo; in the "Video del Centro Festival" (2019) with the video called Mirada Oculta, made in collaboration with Andrés Daniel G.; and in the engraving exhibition called "Derivas" (2020).

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