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Portraits of an unidentified body

43 min   |   Spanish   |  Anila Belenos  | Andrés Daniel G.

This piece is made up of 9 videos of approximately 4 minutes each. They are audiovisual stories built from 9 anonymous interviews to different people from the Departmental Institute of Fine Arts of Cali. The interviews were made to people who suffer or have suffered from anxiety disorder and/or depression. Each story was also built from a Romantic or Expressionist painting, of which the author makes an appropriation at the end or near the end of the video. The author tries to put himself in the interviewee's shoes by means of an alter ego that stars in the story.


The texts that appear as subtitles belong to famous writer Fernando Pessoa.

*Video must be watched on YouTube due to age restriction

*Below you can watch each video separately


Zerotonina Films

Producer: Anila Belenos

Screenwriter: Robert Grey

Direction: Andrés Daniel Góngora

Assistant director: Francesca Nikoloudis

Production assistant: Chloe Pages

Second production assistant: Tomás Hermes

Cinematography: Yen-Kuo Wang

Sound production: Abbas Daud

Production design: Antoine Kouadio

Art assistant: Alba Isabel

Second art assistant: Alice Marion

Costume design: Charlotte Chanel

Editing: Dimitri Novak

Dancer: Antonia Camargo

Voice over: Antonia Camargo, Chloe Pages, Dimitri Novak, Antoine Kouadio y Francesca Nikoloudis

Texts in Spanish by Fernando Pessoa:

Odas de publicación póstuma
Poema en línea recta
Callos a la manera de Oporto
Libro primero
Oda marítima
Guardador de rebaños
Paso de las horas
Pastor amoroso

Reference paintings:

Saturn Devouring His Son - Francisco de Goya
The Old Guitarist - Pablo Picasso
Ashes - Edvard Munch
Woman in a Green Jacket - August Macke
The Scream - Edvard Munch
Liberty Leading the People - Eugene Delacroix
Anxiety - Edvard Munch
Melancholy - Edvard Munch
Weeping nude - Edvard Munch

Thanks to:

Jesús Góngora
Loida Cortés
Diana Góngora
Ximena Góngora
Juan Pablo Jiménez
Antonia Camargo
Jerónimo Camargo
Carmenza Ramos
Guadalupe Góngora
Marcela Renza
Diana Alejandra Salas
Paola Argote
Fatal Victoria
Alma Brutau
Luis Felipe Vélez

Natalia Caicedo

Hari Rueda

Sebastián Díaz

Gabriel Pardo
Andrea Joya
Daniela Pérez
Margaret Reynel
Dayana Ocampo

Carolina Charry
Juan Manuel Arango

9 people interviewed

Cali, Colombia 2021

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