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The dance of life

6 min 48 s   |   No dialogues   |   Andrés Daniel G.

The dance of life is an audiovisual story told through dance and sound (with the participation of the future professional dancer Antonia Camargo). It is the continuation of the first piece, but it can work independently. It is inspired by the painting of Expressionism: The Dance of Life (1899 - 1900) by Edvard Munch.

*It is recommended to watch the video with Virtual Reality glasses and headphones

*Version 2


Production: Andrés Daniel G.

Direction: Andrés Daniel G.

Choreography: Antonia Camargo y Andrés Daniel G.

Starring: Antonia Camargo y Andrés Daniel G.

Costume: Loida Cortés y Diana Góngora

Sound: Andrés Daniel G.

Voice: Marcela Renza

Thanks to: Loida Cortés, Diana Góngora, Jorge Camargo, Jesús Góngora, Ximena Góngora, Daniel Prado, Carlos Gonzáles

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